25 free Edtech tools for teachers

Here are 25  free edtech tools that teachers would love to use in the classroom. These technology  tools helps to save time and increase our productivity.

  1. Edpuzzle : You can make videos engaging by embedding questions inside of any video, this could be a youtube video or your own teaching video.
  2. Loom : This is where you can record your screen,  you can record yourself or a combination of the two this is a chrome add-on or a software download and the premium version is free for teachers.
  3. Pear deck : This is where you can make google slides interactive basically take a google slides presentation that you already have and add questions on top of it.
  4.  Flip grid : It has video answers from students,  really easy to pop up a question or a discussion and students simply answer by video. This, of course is free and the cool  thing is, they can add pictures, emojis, text to the video, so students get really excited about this specific technology integration.
  5.  Formative : This is where you can create interactive quizzes it’s great for formative assessment and you also can see their live answers as they complete it.
  6.  Blooket : Gamifies your classroom with this competitive quiz tool. It’s like a game inside of a game, students answer questions when they get the questions correct, then they get to advance in their specific game mode that they are playing you can play this live or you can assign it as homework. 
  7. Remind : This sends text and email reminders without sharing your personal number or students or parents. They don’t share their number with you either, so everybody’s protected but everybody stays in contact and knows what’s going on. 
  8. Canva : A drag and drop editor to create graphics for your classroom or students can use it to create student projects. 
  9. Class Dojo : This is a behavior management tool it’s great for younger grades pre-k to grade 6. Although i have used it with junior high students and had success basically. Students earn points or dojos for getting their work done on time for behaving correctly for helping other students really any way that you want them to earn points they can earn dojos for them and it’s just a great behavior management tool.
  10. Wolffram|Alpha : This is such a cool search engine, but it’s a computational search engine so that means that it’s not going to shoot out links of information, it’s going to shoot out factual information about anything and everything so you could type in.  George Washington … and it will give you factual information specifically about him or you could type…  Apple’s Vs Oranges..  and it will give you the nutritional value for both of those and compare the two. It’s a great search engine to use for students and also for teachers.
  11. Flippity : This is spreadsheet-based teacher tools from randomizers to spelling word liststo creating quick word searches. You can use Flippity to create custom activities for your students and no account is needed just put in the information that you need it to put into a crossword puzzle or put into a randomizer in some way and it will create it for you.
  12. Khan academy : An educational content organized into classes for easy integration into your classroom basically online courses that already have videos and activities that you can load your students into and they can complete those activities and you see the results.
  13. Kahoot : This is game-based learning basically you have a set of questions that are loaded into kahoot and students answer those questions the faster they are the more points they get it’s competitive among their peers and if they were to get it wrong though they get zero points so it’s more important to be correct versus being too quick and getting the answer wrong they learn how to play it’s a lot of fun kahoot if you haven’t checked it out it is free they do offer paid versions as well.
  14. Padlet : This is digital bulletin boards that you’re able to interact with and students are able to collaborate in on one padlet board so they can work together in a group or they can come up with an idea board it really could be used in an endless number of ways.
  15. Go QR : this is a free QR code creator, basically you can create a code for a website, a document, a location, contact, a phone number, it could be anything this is just a quick way to  create a QR for free.
  16. Quizlet : This is a virtual flashcards, you put in the set of vocab words that you are studying with their definition and it quizzes them on those specific words. It’s great for quiz review and has a lot of other learning tools in there as well.
  17. Mote : This  is voice notes and feedback, this is a chrome extension so basically a student hands in some work and you are able to not just type back your feedback but you’re able to talk back your feedback they can hear your voice which helps a lot if you are distance learning and you need to connect with your students that way and they’re able to read into your voice a little bit more on how you meant what you were saying if you were to type it because sometimes when we type things don’t always get translated the way that we want them to and so you’re able to use your voice to give feedback to the student.
  18. Near pod : This is interactive lessons and activities where you’re able to put in questions inside of your presentation so students answer in live time and then you see the student progress in life time so that helps you know as a teacher that your students are understanding the lesson in real time this is free but there is definitely a paid version, that is a really great paid version so this is one that yes it’s free but if you can pay for one Nearpod is really cool with the paid version but you do get enough out of the free version too.
  19. TeacherMade : Turn any paper worksheet into a digital interactive worksheet you’re able to take that pdf and put questions on top of it so students are able to go in and put their answers in as if they were writing it on a piece of paper this saves so much time because you don’t have to recreate paper worksheets that you already have into digital worksheets TeacherMade makes this really easy.
  20. Classroom screen : This is a virtual screen to display uh that uses many helpful classroom management widgets so this could be randomizers this could be rolling the dice it has a stoplight uh there are many different widgets that you can use to have a digital background uh it is free and no account is needed one of my favorites when there’s no account needed.
  21. Symbaloo : you can create a bookmarks webpage with clickable tiles and this is nice for younger learners because they’re able to click on pictures to get them to the links that you want them to go to instead of having to be able to read words or type in the search bar a web address so you basically just have a teacher home page with all of your clickable tiles and students know that web page and that’s the only place they have to go and then they’re disabled to click on those tiles.
  22. Seesaw : Tt’s an interactive student engagement learning platform that creates a virtual portfolio i suggest seesaw for Pre-KG – Grade 6, probably can get away with junior high i have seen it in high school but i do see this as a younger learning management system i see more success with that and it also gives directions using pictures.
  23. Edmodo : This is free learning management system it’s used to engage communicate and collect assignments it looks a lot like facebook so students get excited about that you’re basically able to use it just like you would any other learning management system.
  24. Google classroom : This is a learning management system that really excels in collaboration with the use of all the other google tools so google classroom is just where students submit their assignments and they can get uh information from the teacher and then it uses google tools like docs and sheets and forms and jamboard, to do all the individual activities.
  25. Schoology : This is an advanced learning management system that boasts a variety of integrations and flexibility so this one can really be whatever you need it to be with all of its integrations and very flexible this one is free most often though if districts are using schoology. They have paid for it because it does allow for many more features.

So, these are 25 free Edtech tools, that teachers would love to use to save time in classroom. If you’ve enjoyed this content, please mention it in the comment below.

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