Teach and Learn Digital Skills with Google

Learning digital skills means how to use the computer and software applications. Digital skills are more important than ever for our students and for us as educators. Our students need digital skills to be prepared for the jobs of their future.  in this video we’re going to look at applied digital skills online lessons.

Now as educators we need digital skills to provide our students with more engaging learning experiences and to stay organized ourselves. Thankfully there are loads of resources to help all of us improve our digital skills –  from website creation, to blogs, to youtube channels, and many more.  Another amazing fact is that it is totally free. 

Yes, you heard it right. 

Who’s offering this – Google.  Google offering free self paced tutorials. 

When – any time it’s up to you, and 

where – go tohttps://applieddigitalskills.withgoogle.com/. 

How to get started –  go to the website, create an account or sign in if you already have a Gmail

So What are we going to see in this blog :


First you can access the site by using the link. From here you can click on the sign in button and sign in with your google account,  you will then get a screen asking if you are a student or a teacher.  Click on teacher – Fill the details and you will be asked if you want to connect apply digital skills with your google classroom, it is not required now. As a teacher you can take any course or create a class for your students. 


Let’s take a look at the lessons provided with applied digital skills. To do so click on the browse lessons button on top of the page. Here we can explore all of the lessons,  as of todays post there are 171 lessons available,  but the number is growing,  you can use the search box to find a lesson by keyword,  next you can use the filter to look for lessons by a specific age group from late elementary,  to adult learners or by digital tool such as drive, docs, gmail, meet, sheets, sites and more or by the topic,  that is covered such as art, computer science,  language, math, science, social studies, and more.


Now,  let’s go a little deeper into a specific lesson, now when you click on a lesson you will now see a list of the content for that lesson this will mostly consist of short videos  but may also include quizzes and optional extension activities when you start the lesson you will now watch short step-by-step videos that will teach you the content and walk you through the project,  as you complete it, you will be provided with a course completion certification.   


You need to click on Teaching Resourses, which is on top of the page and click Add button to add your recourses into the classroom. 


This also allows you as a teacher to create classes which makes it easier for you to share lessons with your students. Here’s how to do that, click the plus button in the top left hand corner and choose create a class if you use google classroom you can choose an existing class to import your students from that google classroom. or, you can create a class manually in this case a class code will be generated that you will need to give to your students so they can join your class. 


Now that you have created a class  you can add lessons to the class that you want your students to complete.  Simply click add lessons,  find a lesson that you want to add, and click the add to class button,  now choose the class or classes that you want to add this lesson to,  when students access this class they will now see a link to access this specific lesson,  you can also add another lesson in the same way, now that you have added the lessons to the classroom, you can also monitor the students  progress as they work through the lessons. 


And that’s it with google APPLIED digital skills,  you can integrate technology into any of your classes and you don’t have to be an expert with the tech tools,  the step-by-step videos are already created for you and the lessons are ready to use. however if you want to become a tech expert you can complete any of the lessons for your own  professional development at your own pace.  so visit the site today and see what you and your students can explore.

I hope that you found this content useful, let me know your comments below.  

Click on to the link – To check out my video explaining how to sign in and create the class.

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