6 most needed Chrome extensions for teachers

Most of us are using Google chrome while teaching from home.  Let me share with you the most useful and needed chrome extensions that you may need on a daily basis. These extensions will be of great help and you will have a better online experience. 

What are chrome extensions ?

Chrome extensions are individualized software programs that make your Google experience match your needs. It enables you to add more value, features and tools to your web browser.  These are digital hacks that will make your work easy, especially during online teaching. 

Benefits of using Chrome extensions

  • Increase your efficiency
  • Helps better delivery of content
  • Allows you to connect with students 
  • Enhances your workflow

How to download and use chrome extensions ?

  • Visit the chrome web store while using your chrome browser
  • Search the extension you’re interested in using, then click “add to chrome” (the download will only take a minute or two)
  • You’ll notice a new icon in the top of your screen in the toolbar once the download is complete
  • Click the icon that correlates to the extension you want to use in order to activate it. Follow the directions on-screen after clicking the icon in the toolbar. 
  • Need more help? Visit the Chrome Web Store Help Desk.

Here are 6 free extensions most useful for teachers to use while teaching from home or in-school! 


Dualless is one of the excellent extensions which helps the teachers who teach virtually.  This extension easily splits your screen into two so that you can present one window to your class in virtual meets while still being able to view your students on the other half of your screen. Additionally, you can manage the size of your split screen so that one window is smaller than the other if needed.  It mainly removes the frustration of switching between tabs, you can  monitor your students as you’re presenting at the same time.


Screencastify extension, records your screen for up to 5 minutes. You can record your screen, face and voice. It records any presentation, website, article or video along with your voiceover. The recording will automatically go to your Google Drive. Recording your screen is helpful when you need to show students how to navigate something on a computer or highlight different portions on your screen. Once the video is saved, you can send the link from your Google Drive out to your students.


Grammarly extension checks your grammar instantly as you type in the Google Doc, Gmail or on any of the app. It helps teachers and students to develop their writing skills. It suggests or alerts you of your mistake, any misspelled words or if any punctuations, and explains how it can be corrected. The free version suggests major errors, but the paid version is even more helpful, checks for plagiarism, suggests better sentences, and helps with vocabulary. 

Super Simple Highlighter

Super simple highlighter extension can highlight text on a web page, in various styles and restores them on subsequent visits. The highlighted text can be used during the virtual class as additional resources, to summarise a concept, either as full text or as a snippet. It also remembers the location and content of highlighted text next time when the page is loaded. ded.

Web Paint

Web Paint Extension is a very easy, simple to use and helpful tool to draw, add text, annotate on live web pages. The best part is that you can take screenshots using this amazing web paint chrome extension. This is a very helpful and useful tool for teachers during online class presentations.  Teachers can draw and write on a live webpage. You can also draw shapes, lines, and add text. 


Pocket is a helpful extension that allows you to save articles you want to come back to later. Once you install Pocket, you can revisit the website or video or link whenever you want.  You just need to click the extension in your Chrome browser, and Pocket will save it for you. It’s that simple! When you log into Pocket, you can see all the websites, videos, and articles that you have saved. This is a wonderful resource for keeping track of items you want for future lessons or professional development. This is especially handy if you have to research a lot about a particular. 

So, add the above extensions to your browser and start using it in your daily class to make it more effective and creative. These are just a few of the best extensions, there are a whole range of extensions that are available which can ease your work.


Here is the video to explain hwo to install  and how to use the chrome extensions.

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