Are you thinking of joining Digital Deepak Internship program ?

Read my review before joining….Check if it is for you…

In this review, you will get to know about the following things :

  1. My experience with Digital Deepak Internship program.
  2. Structure of the program
  3. Things you will learn in this program
  4. Fee structure and repayment method
  5. Who should join this program?

1. My experience with Digital Deepak Internship program.

Let me share my experience with this Internship program. I came across a facebook ad – regarding an internship program. I registered for it and I joined the webinar as a usual one. Because during this lockdown, I started attending many webinars, so that I can learn something new, gain knowledge and find ways to earn more money out of that.

Like every other webinar, we all knew that there would be something to sell at the end. I also attended with the same intention and just to know what that program is all about. But, I ended up registering for the program, that too not in hundreds but is thousands. I am not a person who gets easily convinced, but I paid for the internship program using my credit card, as I had no balance in my account. I took all this risk, because of the different approach Mr.Deepak had in his program.

The main thing that made me overwhelmed was, his assurance of repaying the entire amount paid for the internship program. I have never heard or seen anyone paying the students for learning. He explained about the program and gave a detailed repayment structure, which was very convincing. I’m getting the knowledge, practice, experience and the full amount back, so, why not give a try ?

2. Structure of the program

He had a very clear approach and idea of how to proceed with it. He has structured the program systematically and in an organised manner to teach his interns. Being a teacher, I can make out how much dedication and involvement is needed to create such a program.

This program does not concentrate only in one area – that is Digital Marketing, but covers – personal development, motivation, goal setting, long term vision, short term goals, each and every concept is designed thorough analysis and in depth knowledge. He has taken all the efforts to explain each and every concept in a wide manner. I can say it is an ‘all in one self-development program’.

So far, I have not come across anyone who tells others about their tips and tricks in success, but he does. Let me tell you about the highlights of the program. Don’t think I’m only posting the positive side of the program, there are negative sides, so read this blog completely, you will come to know about it at the end.

3. Things you will learn in this program

Welcome gift : I received a courier which had – Welcome letter, a notepad, a pen and a Goal card (which says “It is __________ and I have made Rs._____________ in my business. I have sold my product worth Rs. _________ to ___________ customers. My customers are happy, they love my product and my business is going to grow exponentially”), I have never heard of any coach sending such gifts for their interns out of their pocket money. This itself shows how eager he is – that his interns should accomplish their goals.

Week 1 assignment : Success Mindset video, a motivational, inspiring and rejuvenating one. It was self-reflecting and transforming. It is designed to make you a better person and an achiever.

Every week, a learning video will be posted, along with the assignment sheet and a video on how to complete the assignment.

The front page of the LMS

The assignments are not just created for name sake, for example – I realised who I am and what are my capabilities only after doing the first and third week assignments. You will get a lot of confidence and will have deep knowledge of Digital marketing.

The schedule of the weekly topic, with dates when it will be posted, the assignments submission dates, all are given in detail.

4. Fee structure and repayment method

The reward or repayment structure for the submitted assignment – (I have blacked out the amount part, because the cost of the program may increase in future, and to avoid confusions)

Supporting links and videos to complete the assignment are also given separately.

Facebook group and telegram group which has interns from the previous batch are also there to help you complete the assignment.

All the assignments that are submitted on time and which are in accordance with the prescribed conditions are approved.

Want to see how much i have earned in one month.

You all may think by providing all this support the interns will definitely complete the assignment, and how is Mr.Deepak going to get benefited by this ?

A genuine teacher does not work for money. The teacher’s aim is to transfer the knowledge whatever he possesses to and transform them. It does not mean that he is doing this program for free of cost, and not making profit at all. He makes profit, I will reveal the secret at the end.

There are thousands of courses on the web, who provide it at a much less cost, with good quality videos. But, Mr.Deepak has a different approach and better content, which makes him stand alone in the crowd and makes him different from other course sellers.

In recent days, digital marketing has mushroomed all over, every person claims to have experience, but do they have the proof to show? But, he has an experience of 12 years in the digital field and is able to justify it.

Mr.Deepak has good future plans for his interns, he is coming up with a lot more novel ideas that will help you grow not just into a successful digital marketer, but a successful personal brand, successful freelancer, successful mentor and a successful entrepreneur.

5. Who should join this program?

Now let me come to the beware part. To get benefited by this program you must be disciplined and a regular student. You can learn everything and get paid for what you have learnt, but you should be serious to learn.

This is the secret – he makes money from the irregular students and undisciplined students, who fails to complete and submit the assignment on time even after providing all the support and guidance.

Now, check if this course is for you..
* If you are not a serious learner, then don’t go for it.
* If you are not regular in your work, then don’t go for it.
* If you are not a risk taker, then don’t go for it.
* If you don’t want to come out of the box, then don’t ever go for it.

If you are not any of the above, then it is for you. If you really want to join the program then join immediately, otherwise, as I said earlier the program cost may be hiked in the future, as the demand for this program is increasing. I sincerely wish that a dedicated student should get proper guidance and training from a dedicated mentor.

DigitalDeepak Internship program is really worth joining it and I’m personally benefited by it. Students of the earlier batch have started freelancing, mentoring, consulting and are placed in good jobs.

To join the program in the next batch immediately, click the link given – DigitalDeepak Internship Program.

You will get a form, fill the form and submit it. (no payment to attend the webinar). You will be getting an invite for a webinar from DigitalDeepak, where he will give you full detail regarding the program.

Hope, I have given you almost all the required information about the program. You can give your feedback about this review in the comment section. Expecting to have you in the upcoming batch.

PS: I have completed the Internship program and I have received 100% cashback.

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