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eLearning was progressing at a good speed,  even before the hit of pandemic. With closure of  schools and colleges, as led to extensive growth in eLearning industry.  Teachers, professors and students, started themselves working in a completely new circumstances. As per the world’s most highly valued edutech company, Indian BYJU, experienced a 60% increase in new students using its solution within just a week of making it free.  Such online learning services have helped millions of school children suddenly transfer to remote learning.

According to a new study by Global Market Insights, the eLearning market is set to reach $375 billion by 2026. Which means there are huge opportunities and growth in eLearning business. 

In this blog, we are going to see the Top 5 eLearning trends that will be future of Education in 2021.  

1. Micro planning the lessons 

Micro planning is very much required for the new generation learners, who are with shorter attention spans. In order to help students absorb the knowledge in an efficient way, it’s essential that information is provided at a rate that matches their ability to focus. This will improve learning transfer and engagement, as well as increase development speed.

2. Smart board presentations 

The smart board are highly engaging and interactive for both teachers and students. The digital whiteboards have come across many changes and are still helping the students in the classroom to stay with the advanced technology. Smart board is a versatile tool integrated to customized learning conditions for students. Audio, Videos and Images together engage the students who have different learning styles. Almost all the schools including Govt. schools have started implementing this tool and technique. 

3. Artificial Intelligence Tutors 

The students can have Personalized AI tutors to help them in their online training.  These type of personalized tutors will be available and are accessible at any time on any device to the students. The integration of smooth interaction between AI and teachers improves the overall online training experience. It helps to evaluate the student’s competencies, to find out their weak areas and the required materials to focus on those areas. AI will become popular in the coming future in all levels of education because of its personalized and adaptive nature. 

4.Augmented and Virtual Reality

AR and VR presents realistic scenario for the students. The excited learning environment increases the retentions rate of the students attention span than the traditional classroom method. VR helps students to gain hands on experience and instant application of knowledge helps to achieve their full potential.  Most learners prefers to have the information though displays and reality than reading. 

5.Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning also know as personalized learning, set personalized resources and instruction for every student.  It tests the current level of students.  It allows teachers to understand how best their students learn and  teachers can then personalize a student’s learning based on that data. Then, based on which the system guides the students to study the customized curriculum at their own pace. The student need not study the concepts which they have already mastered, not do they need to fall behind. Eventually, tutors can use these data to predict student behavior to design curriculum, and map learning interventions.


It is very much evident that the trends and skills are continually shifting towards eLearning industry for the future, and is expanding at a substantial rate.  I hope this blog is a great source of help to enable you to take decision of learning strategies and programs to the next level and gain overall performance and success in Learning and Development..

Let us know in the comments section below! What other eLearning trends or skills do you expect in the industry in the coming year?


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