The reasons to become a Google certified educator

This post explains you The reasons to become a Google certified educator,  so if you have come this far I assume that you have an interest in learning what it means to become a Google certified Educator,  and just exactly what is that going to do for me, right ?

So, with that being said, lets first of all see What is GCE program ?

The benefits why should I do this you probably know you get this this little badge right here that you can see on your screen but you know there’s a lot of other things that are not necessarily things everyone knows about so first, I want to help you understand all of the benefits because I feel like one of the the most beneficial things that I ever did for myself as a teacher and for my career was to get Google certified.

My name is Geetha priya , I’m an Senior Trainer, a Google certified Educator I’m also a blogger at  and you know I’m trying to keep up with Google as it is constantly changing and I’m trying to do my best to help teachers not only keep up with Google but to help teachers learn how to use these tools to support learning in their classroom and you know I’m also on a mission to help as many teachers as I can get Google certified.

So now let’s see about the Google certified educator program this program was designed for the teacher but it’s open for any educator, you need not have to be a teacher to pursue this, the Google certified educator program is offered at two levels the fundamentals level which is level one and the advanced level – level two now differentiating the certification into these two levels gives more teachers an opportunity to get recognized for the work that they’ve done because if it’s all just super advanced and you’ve got to be some you know super techie person that’s that’s not what Google’s about again this is to help teachers and you can learn more about Google’s program by going to shake up dot link forward slash training center and you’ll find the official page there that Google has for all of their certifications so let’s talk more specifically about level one for a second and essentially what they have said is that this status indicates an educator can successfully implement Google Apps for Education or G suite for education into their teaching practice to enhance teaching and learning.

Level 1 – certification is for educators with a basic understanding of the key features of Google Apps as well as an understanding of how to meaningfully use technology in the classroom. Further level 2 – indicates that an educator can successfully integrate a wider range of Google for education tools and other technologies to transform their  teaching practice this is for educators with a deeper understanding of Google Apps and advanced technology integration skills.

Now there is a note here and as of this blog – level one is not a prerequisite for level two if you want to skip to level two you can skip to level two that’s completely up to you.  however I do recommend you know if you already feel like you’re ready for level two go take level one as it’s a ten dollar exam and that will just give you one a good indication of the style of this exam because it’s so different but also just help you you know figure out are you really ready for a level two.

Now, let’s get back to our main topic here the reasons to become a Google certified educator

  1. Improves the quality of teaching: you gain confidence with digital learning strategies and Google tools,  even if you don’t want to get certified the program is a great way to just learn – how to use G suite and to gain an understanding of those best practices you know how to actually use technology to improve learning and you know those those strategies are really important whether you’re using Google or you’re using other digital tools in your classroom
  2. Engage interactive class : facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity and that’s one of the reasons why I’m such a fan of G suite and and the fact that it can put these creation tools in the hands of students.
  3. Better usage of digital tools : Digital literacy skills in the classrooms is obviously something that is needed in today’s classroom it’s a future-ready skill and a lot of kids don’t really understand what that means are the importance of things like protecting passwords and who they should talk to and what kind of information they should share online and when you go through this program you’re going to learn how to do all of those things and as a teacher you may not even know those answers yet either so the the certification program includes these components and will really help you know how to protect yourself and protect your students and help them to become better digital citizens.
  4. create a paperless classroom :  you’re going to learn all kinds of strategies to help you create more of a digital classroom now if you want to go  further and of course into level two we’re really going to take that to a new level where you’re not only paperless but you’re ensuring that you’re not just doing those old things with new tools but you’re learning how to do new things with new tools.
  5. Automated evaluation and Collection of data: Now we live in this data-driven world now and it’s a powerful tool that’s at our disposal if we want to use it and technology has enabled us to do those things so you know being able to do that and of course we know the power of feedback in terms of how that can help students with their learning and help them to go deeper and make those connections so G suite tools can definitely help us take that to a new level.
  6. Increase efficiency and save time : You’re a teacher your time is precious no one knows that better than I do and I tell people all the time how much Google can save me clicks can save me time can help me become a more efficient teacher and you know I am a huge fan of anything that’s gonna help teachers do that because it’s it’s just not so easy and I promise you that every time I show a teacher even the most technophobic teacher something that Google can do that’s gonna save them time and you’ve got buy-in so you know if you’re struggling to see like I can’t do one more thing well what if this one more thing saves you from doing those other three things that you used to do and so it’s just a matter of switching that mindset and helping helping you understand how these tools can can actually make things  better.
  7. Prove your skills you know : sometimes you just need some proof,  little accomplishment to show off you know what you’ve been working towards, I get asked,  what can I do,  how can I prove this to my administrator,  that I’ve been doing these things,  and this is one way that you can do,  so this will give you a chance to show off your Google skills and prove to the world that you’ve been certified.
  8. Engage in professional growth and leadership : You are not only going to grow as a professional,  you’re going to connect with a community that you have never connected with before if you choose to do so the family of Google certified educators is quite incredible.

You got the benefits what’s next  how to become a Google certified educator there’s a few different ways –

  • you can do this on your own – Google has their entire training online completely free it’s self-paced there’s nobody in there talking to you or training you
  • Or There are plenty of online videos available , if you are ready to spend time searching for the right one. Then go ahead
  • Or the other way is to register to my online course,  This course is a total package of all relevant videos, updated resources and assignments, 

    I hope all of you are ready to move on with your goal of getting Google certified.


Interested to join the course click here : G1 Educator course


You can watch the video which explained the reasons to become Google certified Educator

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