Steps to Organize your Google Drive

If you’re a Google Classroom user, You may wonder – how to organize the folders in the drive, how to sort the assignments, and how to maintain the resource files ? Here are some Google Drive tips to help you!

Google is user-friendly and the files can be accessed and edited from anywhere and everywhere as the files are stored in the cloud.

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In this article, I am going to give you a few tips and tricks on how to organize your Google Drive account to make the process of organizing easier. You can also use these tips to manage your time and complete your task effectively and efficiently.

Depending on your preference, you can customize your Drive. Google Drive is where we store EVERYTHING, including assignments, resources, TMLs.

There are a number of ways you can organize your files in the Google Drive, but here are a few tips that might be helpful.

Steps to Organize Your Files:

1. Create folders for different subjects

2. Organize Folders and Subfolders

3. Color-Code Folders

4. Customize Grid view

5. Organize Shared Files and Folders

Let’s see how it can be done in details :-

1. Create folders for different subjects

It is important to create folders for different subjects so as not to mix up all your files together. It will help you stay organized and allow you an easy access point if need be. For example, if you have a folder for each subject area such as Math, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, etc Try to keep as minimum folders as possible in My Drive.

2. Organize into Folders and Subfolders

There are two ways to organize your files and folders: alphabetically or by date.
When organizing alphabetically, you should use the same letter for every sub-folder that you create until you reach the top folder.
If organized by subject wise, then all of your folders should be labeled with the files related to that subject.
If organized by Grade wise, then all of your folders should be labeled with the files related to that Grade.

3. Color-Code Your Folders

To Simplify your work you can Color-code them according to purpose. For example, use green for Lesson plans, blue for projects, red for assignments and so on. This way you’ll know where to find what you need faster.

4. Customize your Grid view

Another way to make you Drive more accessible is setting the view preference, you can either have a List view or Grid view.

5. Organize Shared Files and Folders

You may have many “Shared with Me” files, which would be difficult to organize properly as you like. There is a way to add these files to your drive and organize the files into your own folders. When you have the shared files, you can add the shortcut of the file and store it in your required folder.



By organizing the drives, you’ll be able to track and follow up your work with much ease and without waste of time. I know that this is not a perfect one, these are the steps that work for me, you can create your own system that works for you and your needs!

There are so many teachers who are experts in using Google Classroom, if you have any better tips in doing the thing in a more organised way, please share it in the comments. How do you organize your Google Classroom and Drive?

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