Soft skills – to be an effective tutor

You all know that our world is not the same anymore.  Tutors are not next to the learners anymore.  And you need to develop soft skills to be an effective tutor and to keep you relevant.

Developing soft skills is a process because as tutors you must first engage in self-reflection and you should know which soft skill is to be developed.

Let’s explore how to develop the required skills in the 5 steps :

  1. To develop a learning mindset
  2. To engage in self-reflection
  3. To Improve knowledge and understanding
  4. To Find the best online training course
  5. To Practice for perfection

1. To develop a learning mindset:

As tutor you must always be prepared to learn something new and you must understand that it will improve your performance.  Soft skills like resilience, emotional intelligence are few skill that can make you more effective.  You need to manage yourself in the ever-changing workplace.  So it is essential to have a mindset to learning new things.

2. To engage in self-reflection

You might not know how to improve or develop the skills that are required.  So, before you start, it is essential to figure out which skill is the most needed.  You can always reflect on the skills that you are good at and with the combination of self-assessment you can identify the gaps.

3. To Improve knowledge and understanding

Once your realize that you are not social, communicative or positive, with proper guidance you can understand the importance of the skill that are required.

Some can be tech-savvy, experience or new, for any to work on a new way may be difficult. So having an online training session will be perfect to fill the gaps and develop the skills required.

4. To Find the best online training course

In recent days many online training courses have emerged.  When you are clear with what is skill you need to develop you can go for any online skill training courses. eLearning is one of the best option for developing the skills.

In my next blog I  will be elaborating on the available online platforms and how to select the best online course.

5. To Practice for perfection

Once you have got the online coaching, practice, is how you can develop the skill. After all, it would be pointless unless you keep practicing it for more perfection. The best part in online coaching is that you can have the content and resource with you which can be verified whenever it is needed.

Once  you are on track towards the development of the skill, you need to have a periodic analysis them. And at the same time, you should be well on the ways towards possessing the next set of skills that might be required for the future. By taking advantage of the openness of online learning we need to keep improving our skills.

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