5 Time saving websites you should be using

As tutors you just like to save time while you are online? 

Well, then this blog is for you because I’m sharing with you websites which are going to make you look amazing online and help you save time. 

So let’s get started.



Now, the first website on our list is Visme. Visme is a tool to help you create any design project that you want. And yes, we’re talking so much more than just social media, whether it’s presentations or documents or maybe even graphics for your own website, Visme has you covered and allows you to edit anything that they provide here with their templates, but perhaps my favorite Visme feature of them all are their branded templates where all you need to do is add your website address and it will pull in your logo and your brand color in just a few minutes. And then I can choose which type of theme am I most interested in? Now, the great thing is,that it’s not going to limit me to just one or two templates. It’s going to bring back more than 30 different templates that I can use in a variety of ways. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to apply your brand to some amazing designs be sure to check out Visme. 


MentimeterHere I am at the Mentimeter website and Mentimeter is all about creating content so that people can answer your polls,can answer your questions in real time.  So we need to start by asking a question, which is your favorite social media platform, for example. And then we obviously have to fill in our options. I’m going to put in Facebook, I’m going to put in Twitter, and then I’m also going to put in, well, yeah, it wouldn’t be my video if I didn’t say YouTube. So I’m going to say Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Now there’s a variety of other options we can make here, including editing images. And of course changing the colors here on the screen as well. Now, when you’re finished editing your question, or if you just want to see how it’s going to look like for the people that you send it to, all you need to come up here is select the preview presentation and whether they access this on their desktop or on their mobile device this is how it’s going to look like to them. So for example, if I select Facebook and select Submit, I’m going to see that in real time and others who go to this particular room, menti.com and then enter in this code will be able to not only participate but see the results as well. So a very quick and easy way to make your presentations that much more engaging. Of course, if you don’t want your participants to remember this address and to type in this particular code, you can also hit the share button and copy the direct link. This is perhaps the easiest way for people to get into your polling slides, or you can choose to download the QR code so that they go directly to your poll just by scanning with their phones. So a variety of different ways for you to take advantage of Mentimeter. 

Google Sites

Now the next website on our list may not exactly be new to you but I’ve included it here because we often forget how fast and easy it is to create a website with Google Sites. When it comes to website creation, we’re often talking about names such as Wix or Squarespace. However, if you want to produce a website for free and do it quickly and easily, there is perhaps no better choice than Google Sites. Google Sites makes it super easy for you to do.  Everything is drag and drop, or just click in a space. Google Sites is absolutely excellent for those purposes. And if you’re already a Google user, you have the advantage of accessing your Google Drive account or all of your photos directly from within the editor. So for example, maybe in this day three slot,I’m going to click on this plus button and I’m going to say select an image and it’s immediately going to bring me to my Google Drive. I’m going to select this image here and bam, it’s directly in my website. Couldn’t be easier for me to navigate and find the images and find that content that I want to include.  


CloudconvertNow, the next website on our list is called CloudConvert,a free way to convert almost any type of file to any other type of file format. Whether you’re talking about documents or images, or audio files, or literally almost anything, CloudConvert can allow you to do so. I’m going to say that everything is okay and then I can select the convert button. Now, of course, depending on the size of the file and what is being done, it may take a few extra moments but now I have this image in the correct file format. I can download it and I can use it anywhere that I like. So if you need something that is quick, easy, and allows you to convert up to 25 free files per day be sure to check out cloud convert. 


bitly Now, the next website on our list is going to make sharing your content and sharing other links so much easier and also more inviting for your viewers. And we’re talking about Bitly. Bitly is the easy way to take a long and complicated and maybe messy looking link and create something so much shorter but also something that is a little more relevant so that your users will click and access that content. For example, here is a lengthy and somewhat messy looking URL but with Bitly, I was able to condense it to just this. And it actually has some actionable  words in it, get jot form app, for example.  And what Bitly does is it creates a shortened link, here it is, it’s bit.ly/ and then we’ve got about seven characters here behind it. But the nice thing is that I can go one step further and customize the back half.  Now, I can use that one. So now it tells me that the link has been edited. All I need to do is hit this copy button and I can paste  this anywhere that I want and people will be able to go directly to the desired page. On top of that, Bitly keeps track of your statistics. So if you want to see who has been clicking and where, you can keep track of your history here as well. Now, the next website in our list is not only going to make you look great online but it’s going to make your presentations really stand out so that they can be more engaging with your audience. 

Now, of course, I’d love to hear from you next. What are some of the websites that help you look amazing and save time online? Be sure to let me know in the comments down below, if you found this blog useful, Remember being productive does not need to be difficult. In fact, it’s very simple.

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